Tamara Almeida: From Sales Representative to Acting Star

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Few radiate pure joy, warmth and genuine sunshine the way Tamara Almeida does. The moment she entered the room,  it was impossible not to smile. Over the course of our conversation, she opened up about her upbringing as a Jehovah’s Witness, her sales career, and her eventual dive into the acting world.  

After a life changing car accident, Tamara Almeida decided to take her dreams of becoming a professional actress more seriously. She had previously been a full-time sales representative, who took some acting classes on the side to nurture her creativity.  

From starring in series like Ghostwriter and Jane to awarding Emmy’s after walking the red carpet, Almeida is one rising star to watch out for! 

You'd be surprised how kind people are and how much people want to help each other. If it wasn't for other people supporting me or helping me, none of this would ever have happened.


How did your work in sales blend with acting?

Tamara Almeida: Since I grew up a Jehovah’s Witness, I say that it’s a very transferable skill to go knocking on people’s doors from a really early age, to then having very little shame about asking for what you need. The way that I always looked at sales, like foundationally, was I’m here to solve a problem you don’t know that you have. And in some ways, I actually think that that’s very similar to what we do in acting. It’s listening, right? It’s like really just listening and figuring out like what you need and taking the attention off yourself.

The part of me that has to do the business stuff is one version of me, and then the part of me that wants to be an artist is a different part. I felt so angry at this industry for a long time. I was like; I’m more than just a Latina. Why am I going out for so many escorts? It actually really hurt my feelings. But then when we think about the business of it, it flipped. I was like, okay, so if I look how I look, then I’m here to tell a certain story. And it’s my responsibility then to tell that story fairly.

What obstacles have you faced as an actress?

Tamara Almeida: I think the biggest obstacle I’ve always faced with acting is how much of this has to do with truth and authenticity and being seen.  I also think it has to be fun. It’s not all painful. You can have your pain, but you can also enjoy this. It’s allowed. Why am I sitting in my pain? What if I look over there and what’s happening over there? That’s a joyous experience for me to be affected by somebody else. It means I’m alive.

Do you have any advice for aspiring actors?

Tamara Almeida: Energy is contagious. You’re either affecting or you’re infecting.  I think also relationships mean a lot, no matter what the job is. I would focus on not just thinking about yourself and building relationships. I think that’s really important to put yourself out there and maybe ask someone to go for a coffee. You’d be surprised how kind people are and how much people want to help each other.  If it wasn’t for other people supporting me or helping me, none of this would ever have happened.

Tamara is an upward force receiving the spring of a commingling human effort; like all the hope you had in the eyes of each stranger passing inward through your day merged into one ever emerging, including, becoming radiance of being itself. Eyes wherein you can see the in and beyond image of your own, staring back out a world of infinite beholding.

We are so thankful for the opportunity to have spoken with Almeida about not only her incredible career, but her thoughtful advice for those who hope to follow in her footsteps. We’re just as thankful that she shares her genuine talent with us every time she’s on our screens. We can’t wait to see where Tamara ends up next. One thing’s for sure, it will be spectacular. 

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