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Commercial Video
Production in Toronto
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Commercials that capture your story

At Sailfin Productions, we offer a full-service commercial video production company experience. We’re here to help you from idea conception to project completion, marketing and beyond. Let’s bring the story of your business to life. 

Whether your strengthening brand image or introducing a new product, we’re your new secret weapon. Our team of commercial production professionals create videos that resonate.

Narrative Commercial

It’s time to get creative and position your brand in the market with a commercial driven by narrative. Convey the message of your brand while promoting a specific product or service. We produce commercials that resonate with your audience.

Promotional Video

Your customers deserve content of value. We develop engaging promotional videos that showcase your business, tell your story and connect you with the people who matter most.

Product Showcase Commercial

It’s time to take your product to market and show it in action! Video gives customers a true representation of the product in use. Highlight what makes your product unique and showcase its features and benefits through video advertising. 


Special circumstances require special attention. Not every project requires a full-scale production. If you’re in need of a small crew with a solo camera operator we can help! Our videography team can capture event footage or shoot quick social media videos to promote your business online.

Are we finished?
Not yet!

Every video serves a purpose. After post-production wraps, we work alongside you for the optimization and marketing of your final video. Your goals are important, and we’ll help you achieve them. Whether it’s embedding the video on your website, or creating an advertising campaign on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook, we’ll handle it all. 

No Question is a Bad Question

Each and every project is custom made for a client. The price can therefore vary significantly. 

At Sailfin Productions, we work with businesses of all sizes to produce commercials that resonate. We believe every business should have access to professionally produced content, and craft a project around the budget you’re working with. 

We’re one of the top video production companies in Toronto, and we’ve got your back!

At Sailfin Productions, we follow a 5-step video production process. We help with everything from concept development to optimizing your final video. 

To learn more about our Toronto-based commercial video production process, click here

All videos are different. The final video length is normally based on the style of commercial being produced and the story being told. Why? Because it’s important to keep a viewers attention. Every moment needs to excite and engage. 

Definitely! There are tons of benefits to commercial video advertising. Videos improve the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your website. They also engage customers online, increase brand awareness and create higher conversion rates. For more information, click here

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