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Corporate Video
Production in Toronto

Corporate videos that leave an impression

At Sailfin Productions, we offer a full-service and collaborative corporate video production experience. Our team is here to help you from idea conception to project completion, marketing and beyond. It’s time to tell your story, and we’re excited to help you share it. 

Corporate videos can serve many purposes. Your video can be used as a sales tool, for recruitment, expansion, corporate image, testimonials, education and training. An impactful corporate video creates a strong visual connection to your target audience and the business community.

We work with a crew of highly experienced professionals to bring you the highest calibre of content. No matter the project you envision, we’re here to bring it to life. 

Testimonial Corporate Video

Give happy customers the opportunity to share their stories through a testimonial style video. Potential customers are eager to hear about the experiences other clients have had. An endorsement video featuring the faces and voices of your biggest supporters is the perfect way to spread positive messages about your business.

Recruitment Corporate Video

Looking to expand your team? In today’s competitive marketplace, finding the right person to enhance the team has become an ever increasing challenge. Reach your widest audience through a results-driven, video production approach to capture the attention of potential recruits and set your business apart. 

Scripted Introductory Corporate Video

Establish your position in the corporate marketplace. Discover the potential of highlighting your company through the sophistication of cinematic video production. Connect with the business community and new clients in a video that introduces your services.  

Event Re-Cap Video

Create a dynamic and cohesive conference or event re-cap video that conveys your message through the sophistication of professional production. Unite your team locally, nationally or globally to communicate corporate expansion, investment opportunities, upcoming news and so much more. 

Commentary Corporate Video

Putting a face and voice to your business creates a strong human connection. You’re a necessary ingredient in the story of your company and a vital component in building a trusting foundation with clients. Commentary is accompanied by supportive visuals that enhance your story. 

No Question is a Bad Question

Every production is tailored to each client. The price can therefore vary significantly. 

At Sailfin Productions, we work with businesses of all sizes to produce impactful corporate videos. We believe all businesses should have access to professionally produced content, and craft a project around the budget you’re working with. 

We follow a 5-step video production process. We help with everything from concept development to optimizing your final video. 

To learn more about our corporate video production process, click here

Absolutely! There are many benefits to incorporating corporate video advertising into your marketing strategy. Videos improve the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your website. They also engage customers and are proven to create higher conversion rates. For more information, click here

All videos are different. The video length is determined by the scope of your project. On average, most videos are around 1-2 minutes long. Why? Because it’s important to keep a viewers attention. Every moment needs to excite and engage. 

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